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Therapeutic education program

The aim of therapeutic patient education (TPE) programmes is to help the patient to better manage life with a chronic disease or poly pathologies. It is a continuous and permanent process.

What are TPE programmes ?

  • TPE programmes are intended for patients and for their circle of acquaintances (family, caregivers etc.).
  • They are coordinated by an educational group with activities led by healthcare professionals or other professionals and patients cooperation group (expert patient etc.)
  • They contribute to the acquisition and preservation of skills related to self-care, mobility or to the acquisition of skills and psychosocial adaptation.
  • They should be personalized for every patient.
    Diverse formats of programme of ETP can be defined.
    TPE programmes do not have to be a succession of acts, nor a standardization of care but be personalized for each patient or group of patients.

Who can develop a therapeutic educational programme ?

Medical societies, medical and paramedical professional organizations, groups of healthcare professionals, patients’ associations can take the initiative to the elaborate structured TPE programme.
Partnerships between the medical societies and patients’ associations are encouraged.