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15th International Conference on Rare Diseases „Rare Diseases - Open Your Heart And Mind”

29 June – 2 July 2017, Białobrzegi near Warsaw - Croatia

15 th International Conference on Rare Diseases

The 15th edition of the conference that our Association is organizing aims to draw the attention of the public to the needs of patients suffering from diseases. By organizing conferences, seminars and training sessions focusing on this particular topic, we strive to emphasize that our joint, coordinated effort contributes to improving the situation of patients with rare diseases, both in Poland and around the world. By inviting domestic and international experts and lecturers, we intend to promote the knowledge about rare diseases and to inform about the latest scientific achievements in this particular field, thus making sure that patients are provided with access to improved diagnostic procedures and more comprehensive healthcare.
The Conference will be also attended by politicians, patient representatives and healthcare system experts who will share their experience and knowledge.

Invitation and programme
Laboratory diagnosis of inborn errors of metabolism attached