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26th EURORDIS Round Table of Companies Workshop

Rare disease therapies: do you get what you incentivise?

Wednesday, 21st February 2018

Registrations open 15th January 2018

Workshop outline

The development of rare diseases therapies requires the right regulatory, economic and political ecosystem to ensure that investments are made in areas where research would not otherwise be carried out. The current European regulatory framework has brought enormous benefits to the rare disease community in terms of the number of orphan designations and indications, as well as paediatric medicines. However, there is increasing political scrutiny of incentives for research and development constantly linked with the high price of innovative medicinal products, whilst at the same time the vast majority of rare diseases are not yet covered by an appropriate therapy. Whilst the current incentives systems have addressed many issues, some remain.
This workshop will try to take a balanced look at the role of incentives in therapies development, address shortcomings of the current system and consider what else the rare disease community can do to fulfil important unmet medical needs.

Registrations open 15th January 2018