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EJP: European Joint Programme Cofund

The European Joint Programme Cofund (EJP) under Horizon 2020 is a new instrument designed to support coordinated national research and innovation programmes. EJPs are designed to pool together rather large national programmes, resources and capacities. They strive to not only bring together resources in terms of funding, but also in terms of capacity building, networking, demonstration and dissemination activities.

Implement joint programme of activities including research,
coordination, networking, training, demonstration and dissemination:

• Research and innovation programme encompassing various aspects of RD
research to be funded through transn ational calls resulting in financial
support to third parties base d on practices from ERA-NETs.

• Virtual platform for RD information, research data, samples, tools and
standards building on existing resources; establish new connections across
RD community in particular with ERNs; launch pilot actions to ensure
usefulness of tools to be followed by upscaling in progressive manner.

• Capacity building including training and support activities to improve R&I
potential of key stakeholders and enhance uptake of research results.

• Strategic coordination and management through annual programming.
Appropriate considerations of ELSI aspects. Integration of the IRDiRC Secretariat.

• Participation of patient organisations should be encouraged in relevant activities.

Horizon 2020 Work programme for research and innovation 2018-2020
Rare Diseases European Joint Programme Cofund