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The 26th edition of the Summer School on Pediatrics

3th – 12th of July 2019 - Groningen

In 2019 the 26th edition of the Summer School on Pediatrics will take place in Groningen! For two weeks, medical students from countries all over the world will come to Groningen and the University Medical Center of Groningen.

During this Summer School the participants are offered a varied educational program. The school combines clinics and research in many different fields of pediatrics. This is presented in the form of (patient)lectures and workshops given by some of our finest professors and doctors. In addition, students will be divided in small groups to perform research. These groups will benefit from daily supervision by experienced research coaches. The coaches will be present to familiarise the participants with the research process and programs. They will also guide them in their efforts to come up with a proposal that will be presented at the end of the program.

Besides the interesting and challenging educational program, there is a fun social program. During various activities the participating students will get to know each other. They will become acquainted with the Dutch culture and the student life in Groningen. In addition, all participants are given the opportunity to share their own foreign habits during events such as the international cooking event that will take place during the summer school.

The main goals of the Summer School Pediatrics are:

1. To introduce (bio)medical students to the various fields of clinical pediatrics;

2. To discuss current limitations/complications being faced today;

3. To demonstrate their translation into clinical/fundamental research questions.

4. To get to know medical students from all over the world
Deadline for application: 1 of March 2019

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