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Training dedicated to rare metabolic diseases...


Training dedicated to rare metabolic diseases - Charité Hospital - Germany

Aimed at:
Physicians (Annual CME Session on metabolic diseases for physicians)
Dieticians (given by our dietitian and including aspiring dieticians with an interest in hereditary metabolic diseases)
Nurses (participation in special courses provided by pharmaceutical companies)
Associations of patients mostly Phenylketonuria)

Organised by
the reference centre of rare metabolic disease - Medical Department, Division of Hepatology and Gastroenterology (including Metabolic Diseases) -Charité Hospital

- Hospitation for dieticians
- Nurses participation in training regarding EET (emergency training, educational)
- Therapeutic education for patients: cooking courses, weekend meeting with the whole family
- Physicians by invitation to annual CME

In addition there is a project underway during 2018 offering close cooperation for physicians as suggested by the National Plan for Rare diseases in Germany (NAMSE), training those who are interested in dealing with their patients according to guidelines etc."