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University diploma, Master’s, PhD


Faculty of Medical Sciences - Unversity of Groningen

Aimed at: Medical students, Physicians, Biologists, Clinical chimists, Dieticians, Nurses, Associations of patients

Characteristics: " Besides the on site training, such as participation in Recordati and SSIEM Academy/Medical students and biologists -> integrated in the University of Groningen G2020 medical curriculum/Pediatric residents -> integrated in the Dutch Pediatric Association Top 2020 curriculum/Pediatric metabolic fellowship -> according to the Dutch Pediatric Association curriculum/Patient associations -> Dutch and foreign association in the fields of our specific expertises (PKU, TYR1, GSD, FAOD, movement disorders) as well as patient organizations at European and world wide level"

All university diplomas: Bachelor, Master’s, PhD


Contact: Dr. Francjan J. van Spronsen and Dr. Terry G. J. Derks

Mail: and